Beijing City Telemedicine Center

2011, the Beijing pilot project on regional PACS and remote consultation system are launched. The system are constructing based on HINACOM's medical imaging and information management systems,  relying Xuanwu Hospital of Capital Medical University as Center, connecting with China Medical University, Beijing Shunyi Hospital, achieve real-time remote imaging consultation between hospitals, aiming to improve ability of diagnosis and treatment of district central hospital.

The pilot project started from 2011 to July 2013, the system has been updated 12 times with a lot of technological innovations and research and development works, and carried out 200 consultations for difficult cases. Achieved regional medical image sharing, and completed real-time consultation with efficient and stable audio, video and medical imaging under the ordinary Internet environment. Regional Tele-consultation platform also enables seamless connection with regional electronic medical records, and supports referral service at all levels hospitals.

Based on the successful experience of the pilot project, HINACOM has officially started the task on building the Beijing municipal Tele-consultation platform. The focus of the next phase of work is to further improve the collaboration feature of the platform between large hospitals and primary health care institutions, include more regional hospitals into the system to enhance the service capacity of primary health care institutions, and expand the coverage of high-quality medical resources to benefit more grassroots patients.

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