Malaysia's National Tele-Med/
Tele-Rad Image Information Center

Oct. 2014, Hinacom Software and Technology, Ltd., Malaysian Telecommunications Operator Redtone International and Malaysian Ministry of health together formally launched the project in constructing the Tele-Med/Tele-Rad healthcare Center.

The estimated investment will cost RM120 million, the project aims to connect over hundreds of hospitals by 2020, and by the time it will be the largest Tele-Med/Tele-Rad service center conducted by third party in South East Asia.

The medical center will concentrate on providing the medical imaging remote diagnosis and consultation, applications integrated with residents' health records system, which will effectively utilize expert resources in Malaysia, by in connection with expertise in the United States, Australia and other regions for regular academic exchange which will profoundly improve the local diagnosis and treatment quality and consequently more clinical specialists will be recruited over this platform. The center will become the hub of Malaysia’s diagnostic medical imaging departments to service and benefit nationwide.

In the short-term, by outsourcing the remote diagnosis and Tele-Med/Tele-Rad service to third medical service party which will rapidly reduce the operation cost for the hospitals, in the long-term, this project will attract more medical tourism which could delivery more income for national tourism industry. The Tele-Med/Tele-Rad information center project was defined as the “Iconic Project” by the government of Malaysia investment and Development Department in 2014, and was published and promoted at the government official website.

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