'Internet + Medical Imaging' Benefits Chinese Research Hospitals and Patients

Organized by Chinese Research Hospital Association (CRHA), China Institute of Communications, and Ministry of Health in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (MOHXJ), the “2016 Internet + Healthcare China Expo and Chinese Research Hospital Summit” was successfully hosted in Urumqi from August 19th to 21st 2016. Leaders from Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Ministry of Civil Affairs, together with health service leaders from “One Belt One Road “countries, and worldwide experts and scholars attended.

Topics included Information Technology in Construction of research hospitals, the latest technologies and achievements sharing, and the vision of research hospitals under the new environment. During the event, a keynote, Political Thinking for Research Hospital was given by Mr. Qin Yinhe, the Vice Minister of People's Liberation Army General Logistics Department, and the honorary Chairman of CRHA.

            * Figure 1 “2016 Internet + Healthcare China Expo and ChineseResearchHospitalSummit” in Urumqi, XinjiangProvince

            * Figure 2 Tony Cui, CEO of Hinacom showcased a HINA product, Remote Presence Robot

Tony Cui, CEO of Hinacom, gave a speech about the historic opportunities of ‘Internet + Medical Imaging’ and ‘One Belt One Road”. Combing extensive R&D experience in Medical Imaging and Telemedicine with Hinacom’s recent business development in Southeast Asia and Middle East, Tony talked about the current status and the future of web-based medical imaging technology under Big Data Era, and elaborated the prospects for Chinese high-tech enterprises.

CRHA, MOHXJ, Bright Oceans Corporation (BOCO), and Hinacom co-organized a local event “Expert + Internet” Diagnosis. It was a great illustration to echo the national policy and to assist poverty alleviation. Thanks to the technology, around hundred experts from Peking Union Medical College Hospital, General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army (Hospital 301), and The First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University were connected to patients and clinical physicians from nearly 20 hospitals in Xianjiang. This event was covered live by China News Service.

                    * Figure 3 the "Expert + Internet" Diagnosis Event in XinJiang co-host by Chinese Research Hospital Association,
                       Ministry of Health in Xinjiang, Bright Oceans Corporation (Boco), and Hinacom

                   * Figure 4 Tony Cui, CEO of Hinacom, gave a speech named "the Historic Opportunities of''Internet + Medical
                      Imaging'and 'the Belt and Road Initiatives'"

For those suffered from long-term diseases, the event enabled them to get help from experts in Beijing through a telemedicine platform.

With the 6 sets of product donated by Hinacom, it made possible for patients in rural areas receiving convenient and economical treatment by reducing travel and administrative cost. It also provided a solution for “poverty caused by illness back into poverty” problem, and avoided treatment delay by shortening waiting time for authoritative diagnosis.

During the Summit, there were more than 500 patients in Urumchi, Ili, Kashgar, and Changji received free clinic service from experts in Beijing and Xi’an. Next year, there will be 10,000 patients to receive the same service.

About Chinese Research Hospital Association

CRHA is a Three-in-One medical Institution in healthcare service, scientific research, and clinical education for research hospitals in China. It was voluntarily formed by a group of passionate people. It is a national, professional, and academic non-profit social organization. Chen Zhu, Qin Yinhe, Ren Guoquan, and Li Shuzhang serve as honorary Presidents. Wu Mengchao, and Lu Shibi serve as Advisors. Wang Faqiang serves as the first President.


Hinacom Software and Technology is a healthcare IT company specializing in Medical Imaging Information Systems/TeleMed Systems. Hinacom, headquartered in Beijing, was established in 2008 by industry veterans with a combined more than 60 years of experience in healthcare IT and medical imaging from global companies. To demonstrate the core strength in R&D, Hinacom has established centers in Tianjin, Zhengzhou, China and Minneapolis, US. Domestically, Hinacom has been developed a mature sales and marketing system. Internationally, it is building a system in United States, Mexico, Southeast Asia, and Middle East North Africa. Hinacom strives to be the leading provider of medical imaging information and telemedicine products and services in the global market.

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