First miShare® Platform Launched Successfully in Beijing

The Second Hospital of Beijing, is the first hospital in Beijing accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International), which is one of the most influential global nonprofit organization providing international health care accreditation services to hospitals around the world. The hospital aims to provide high-standard health care services with the power of modern information technology.

Figure 1 miShare® launch ceremony

The hospital joins hands with Hinacom to establish an "image sharing platform". This project was officially online on 11th August 2017, which is the first in Beijing granting the privilege to patients to get hold of their own diagnostic-level data and freely share with any third party over Internet. In the future, for any X-ray, CT, ultrasound or other medical image related examination, the patient can access their examination images as well as diagnostic reports through mobile phones, tablets and PCs at anytime, anywhere conveniently.

Figure 2 Tony gave a speech in the ceremony

CEO of Hinacom, Mr. Tony Cui said that, “Statistics shows that China's medical film consumption is growing at an annual rate of 20%. Take the year of 2015 for instance, China alone consumed 800 million pieces of films, resulting in more than 2 billion USD in medical expenses. It has not only become a considerable waste in medical expense, but also a heavy burden on environment. It is crucial that we should try our best to eliminate the waste and pollution.”

Under the circumstances of the whole world urging for environment protection and resource conservation, the industry-wide digitalization of medical images will soon become a reality.

Figure 3 miShare® Registration & Usage

In 2013, Hinacom launched China's first HTML5-based mobile medical imaging information management system, and was cleared by the CFDA for the medical device certification. The system can be applied to both clinical diagnosis and treatment services. Through this system, as soon as each image examination is finished in terms of reporting, its related data will be automatically uploaded to the cloud. When cloud-end data is available, a text message reminder will be sent to the patient, then they can immediately access the diagnostic-level images per prompt link pushed by miShare® platform. It is the miShare® platform that eliminates the painful long waiting period, hence the efficient treatment will be significantly boosted by this technology.

Figure 4 Diagnostic-level Digitalized Images VS Traditional Films

Dr. Wenhao Jiang, Dean of the Second Hospital of Beijing speaks highly of miShare® platform, “Thanks to the digitalized imaging data, the miShare® platform provides a convenient, quick and solid way to provide technological basis for telemedicine, while creating great potentials for hierarchical treatment and hospitalization. Patients are not required to carry the image films or take duplicated examinations for a second opinion from another doctor. The doctor can easily access patients' medical imaging data through miShare® platform by which means avoiding repeated examinations. Eventually, patient will endure less radiation hazard from imaging devices.”, said Dr. Jiang.

The successful launch of miShare® platform powered by Hinacom is a good pilot of establishing an electronic film system, which exactly fits the tendency of the healthcare industry.

Video: miShare® Platform Publish

Please also refer to the Chinese news clip from XINHUANET and BTV:


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