Hinacom outstood at the 7th Eurasian Radiological Conference

On October 10th, 2017, the 7th Eurasian Radiological Conference was successfully held in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Hundreds of Key Opinion Leaders, top experts, scholars and officials from 26 countries including the Belt and Road countries attended the conference. Among all, there were Radiology Association Chairs or Vice Chairs from 8 Commonwealth of Independent States(CIS) countries, the Minister of Health of Kazakhstan, President of Russian Radiologists Federation, the Former Minister of Health of Uzbekistan, President of World Neuroradiology Federation and radiology industry leaders. At the conference, delegations from Kazakhstan, China, Netherlands, Russia, US and other countries or regions delivered keynote presentations on breakthroughs and innovations in medical radiology and exchanged their opinions during panel sessions.

It was noteworthy that after two years of market campaign and collaboration in CIS, Hinacom was invited to attend the conference as the only China Healthcare IT company. Furthermore, Hinacom had a great honor to invite one of China top radiologists, Dr. Zhaoqi Zhang, the former Vice Chair of Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging and the former Chair of Radiology Department of Anzhen Hospital(one of the best cardiovascular specialty hospitals in China) to attend the conference and deliver a keynote speech. 

Duman Hotel Complex, venue of the 7th Eurasian Radiological Conference in Astana

The conference started with a welcoming speech from Dr. Rakhimzhanova, the President of Kazakhstan Radiology Association and an opening speech from Mr. Birtanov E.A., the Minister of Health of Kazakhstan. Then, around 10 keynote presentations were given by experts from all around the world. Speakers from Kazakhstan and US elaborated the training and development of radiology residents in their own countries; The Russian speaker talked about the history and status of Russian Radiologists Federation; The Netherlands speaker explained how to standardize and optimize the contrast media protocol. As the representative of China, Dr. Zhang, with his 20-year plus practice in cardiovascular field, gave a keynote speech on medical imaging research and applications in cardiovascular diseases in China. 

From left to right: Dr. Mishenko Andrey, Director of Saint-Petersburg Hospital Radiology Department; Dr. Zhaoqi Zhang, Former Chair of Anzhen Hospital Radiology Department; Dr. Rakhimzhanova Raushan, President of Kazakhstan Radiology Association; Dr. Turgut Tali, President of World Neuroradiology Federation

During the speech, Dr. Zhang first introduced the incidence of cardiovascular diseases in China, current use of CT and MRI for cardiovascular disease diagnosis and treatment, as well as 3D printing and AI analysis applications in the field. After that, Dr. Zhang elaborated how Hinacom telemedicine technology helped him carry out the multilateral telemedicine service, leveraging medical resources and optimizing efficiency in the country. He briefed the case of Jincheng City Central Hospital in Shanxi Province, China, a patient with complex cardiovascular disease was diagnosed through the Internet from Beijing. He also highlighted the success story of himself using Hinacom mobile imaging system for diagnosing an emergency heart patient. Both cases demonstrated that medical imaging service can be fully carried out through the Internet. At last, Dr. Zhang introduced Hinacom’s latest innovation in cardiology imaging: the intelligent imaging analysis and treatment planning system for thoracic aortic dissection, abdominal aortic aneurysm and TAVI applications. The leaders were giving high applause to Dr. Zhang’s speech. Recent years, Kazakhstan possesses a high incidence of aortic disease due to a large population of high blood pressure. They believed that this application can bring convenience to clinical practice and improve diagnosis and treatment quality.

Dr. Zhaoqi Zhang was giving the keynote presentation

Hinacom delegation was also invited to visit Kazakhstan National Heart Research Center, where one of the world top cardiologists Dr. Pya Yurri serves as the President. This Center ranks the top heart research and treatment in the country. After going around wards of Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Departments, the delegation introduced Hinacom and its product miPlatform® to the Center. The advantages of the network-based integrated imaging platform were highly recognized by audiences. During this trip, the delegation was also invited to visit the most renowned medical university in Kazakhstan, Astana Medical University, where the delegation was well received and both parties agreed to setup collaboration partnership in the future. 

From right to left: Dr. Bartoccioni, Vice President of Astana Medical University; Mr. Ermek Ahmetov, Director of Strategical Development Department; Ms. Calabrese B., Project Manager; Mr. Bayan, Hinacom Business Rep. in Kazakhstan; A seminar of Hinacom self-developed cardiovascular intelligent imaging system

During and after the conference, the Belt and Road participants expressed their willingness to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with China radiology peers. They also hoped that with help from Hinacom, Kazakhstan and CIS markets can continuously improve their radiology diagnostic service level. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan National University proposed future scientific research collaboration with top universities in China such as Tsinghua University and Peking University in terms of medical imaging, AI, big data and other fields; Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan medical institutions and groups brought up the idea of introducing Hinacom’s miPlatform® regional PACS and telemedicine system, together with Chinese medical expert resources to remotely serve local countries on difficult and complex cases. During the conference, participants gained good understandings of China’s development in cardiovascular disease diagnosis/treatment and success stories in teleradiology, as well as Hinacom’s world-leading medical imaging technology and product concept. Overall, the conference was a triumph, bridging the gap between CIS countries and China for future in-depth collaboration. 

Hinacom Profile

Hinacom Software and Technology, Ltd. is a healthcare IT company specializing in Medical Imaging/Telemedicine Systems and related applications. Headquartered in Beijing, Hinacom was founded in 2008 by veterans in healthcare IT and medical imaging with a combined 60+ years of industry experience. To demonstrate the core strength in R&D, the company has established 4 centers in Beijing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, China and Minneapolis, US. Based on customer demand, Hinacom supports various flexible sales and business collaboration models. Its products have been successfully deployed in multiple hospitals/clinics in China, North America, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and MENA (Middle East and North Africa). Recognition has been widely received from worldwide experts and industry opinion leaders. Hinacom strives to become the global leading provider of Medical Imaging/Telemedicine products and services. The mission of the company is to enable quality healthcare for every person in the world.

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