Pakistan Army Medical Corps Delegation Visited Hinacom

A five people delegation of the Pakistan Army Medical Corps (hereinafter referred to as Pakistan AMC) led by Surgeon General of Pakistan, Lt. General Z Hamid, arrived at Hinacom Software and Technology, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hinacom) on the morning of April 25, the delegation visited the company and communicated on the related development and promotion experience of the regional medical imaging platform and the telemedicine platform, and reached consensus on the future cooperation model and the promotion of the next step.

Pakistan AMC Badge

The Pakistan AMC delegation was given a warm reception by Hinacom CEO Mr. Tongzhe Cui, Hinacom Pakistan Country Manager and China-Pakistan Medical Cooperation Head Dr. Ahmed Waqas as well as Hinacom International Team.

Mr. Tongzhe Cui took a photo with Pakistan AMC delegation

Mr. Tongzhe Cui extended a warm welcome to the Pakistan delegation composed of the two generals, two medical experts, and an officer from Pakistan embassy in China. He introduced the company's development history and prospects, innovative product lines, and Hinacom's medical image series solutions for different scenarios, and introduced the marketing process of Hinacom in China and international markets. At the same time, the successful cases of integrated medical imaging platform, regional imaging center and telemedicine project at home and abroad are also introduced to the audience. Then Hinacom international team made a product demonstration for the guests.

Mr.Tongzhe Cui introduced Hinacom's profile, technology, products and user cases

During the discussion and exchange session, the Pakistan representatives had a keen interest in the miPlatform® integrated medical imaging platform solution, the regional imaging center solution and the miEdge® series of hardware and software all-in-one products.Furthermore, an in-depth discussion regarding medical data security, integration of hospital's existing systems with Hinacom products, telemedicine and diagnostics, and real-time imaging solutions for trauma and first-aid was carried out between Pakistan delegation and Mr. Cui.

Mr. Tongzhe Cui and Lt.General Zahid Hamid had a lively discussion

After watching Hinacom's introduction and demonstration, the Pakistan delegation highly recognized the innovative ideas and achievements of Hinacom in the field of medical imaging and stated that this is the most advanced medical imaging system they have ever seen. While the delegation expresses the will of further cooperation, Pakistan AMC hopes to take a leap in the field of medical information technology, especially in comprehensive improvement of quality and efficiency in medical imaging and telemedicine services.

Lt. General Zahid Hamid highly recognized solution of Hinacom Regional Medical Imaging Platform and Telemedicine Platform

Two parties conducted in-depth discussions on the specific cooperation model. The Pakistan delegation invited Mr. Tongzhe Cui to visit Pakistan military hospitals and to pilot the products and solutions of Hinacom as soon as possible. In the future, with the experiences of pilot projects, miPlatform® solution is expected to be promoted across the whole Pakistan military medical system. The two sides were very satisfied with the two-hour communication and the results of the talks. By the end of the meeting, two sides exchanged souvenirs.

Lt. General Zahid Hamid presents souvenirs to Mr. Cui

Hinacom Profile

Hinacom Software and Technology, Ltd. is a healthcare IT company specializing in Medical Imaging/Telemedicine Systems and related applications. Headquartered in Beijing, Hinacom was founded in 2008 by veterans in healthcare IT and medical imaging with a combined 60+ years of industry experience. To demonstrate the core strength in R&D, the company has established 4 centers in Beijing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, China and Minneapolis, US. Based on customer demand, Hinacom supports various flexible sales and business collaboration models. Its products have been successfully deployed in multiple hospitals/clinics in China, North America, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and MENA (Middle East and North Africa). Recognition has been widely received from worldwide experts and industry opinion leaders. Hinacom strives to become the global leading provider of Medical Imaging/Telemedicine products and services. The mission of the company is to enable quality healthcare for every person in the world.

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